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Thanks to FYCC I am in a NEW CAR. My credit rating was in the dumper and I also had a ton of inquiries from car shopping. It really wasn't car shopping it was more like car shopping rejection. The rates I was being offered were outrageous and it was all due to my super low credit score. FYCC helped me clean up my credit score and also gave me a great tip and that was to take a current credit report with me when I was car shopping and ask the dealer to quote you based on the report to the best of their ability. If I liked the quote and thought I might want to proceed, then let the dealer run my credit. This way I wasn't getting several inquires on my report and bringing my score down in the process. Thanks for the advice guys.

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It was from the IRS that I learned I was a victim of identity theft. This was the first time but unfortunately not the last. The first time was incredibly annoying and inconvenient. Trying to deal directly with the credit reporting agencies was extremely frustrating not to mention pointless. In December of 2015 I learned that for the second time I fell victim to identity theft. I was crushed. Knowing I did not have the patience or time to deal with the IRS EQ EXP & TU again, I immediately contacted Sandra at Fix Your Credit Consulting. Sandra immediately put my mind at ease and walked me through the necessary steps to begin the repair process. They hit the ground running and within a few weeks FYCC was able to remove negative and fraudulent items from my report and dramatically increase all 3 reporting agencies scores. The team at Fix Your Credit Consulting stands by exactly what they say the will do , they can change your whole life , if you want your credit straightened out they are the only ones for the job . My husband and I are in the process of buying our dream home. We were pre-approved and I know this dream would not be a reality had it not been for Sandra and Fix Your Credit Consulting.

So far I have been working with Amanda. She is super nice and doesn't sound like an automated person which you usually get with other companies. She is super sweet and helpful.

I looked into credit repair due to Ford Galpin making about 15 unauthorized inquiries on my credit report, which of course, brought down my score about 100 points.

I really decided to go with them because I took a look into my mothers credit report and wow, there are so many foul things there. The WORST part, those items aren't even my moms. Amanda even took a look at it and gave it a try. She has been so helpful, Angela is also nice and I do get emails from Sandra, so its good to see that everyone there is so involved in their clients file.


I've only started but i just wanted to let people know if there are thinking of calling here, its definitely worth it. You will get nothing but Representatives that care, which is rare.


Ask for Amanda and/or Sarah, They both are very nice individuals.


I found this company on Yelp and was extremely suspicious. I didn't believe that anyone could (legally) do what they were advertising; and I thought it was fishy that all the reviews are five stars. I'm here to say that this place is the real thing!


Sandra is an extremely professional individual and she gets results that are absolutely amazing! In two months, my credit score has gone up 120 points and anything negative has been eliminated from my credit. As I understand it, she accomplishes these results by being diligent and by simply removing information that is potentially inaccurate.


Sandra and her team are a pleasure to work with and her services have already paid for themselves and then some. I was able to refinance a high interest loan which is saving me tens of thousands of dollars.


If you're unsure but struggling with credit issues, I can't stress enough how worthwhile a call to these people is!


I called for the free consultation and Sarah was able to give me some advice on increasing my credit score and having a plan. Surprisingly, she advised me that I could do it on my own since there wasn't anything really negative on my credit report besides some late payments and debt. Sarah was extremely professional, kind and reassured me that things would get better if I followed her advice. I was avoiding having to deal with my credit situation for a long time because  I thought it was beyond repair but finally dealing with it brought me some peace. I now feel confident that everything will get better.

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