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Fix Your Credit Consulting, CEO - Sandra Ruiz
Fix Your Credit Consulting, CEO - Sandra Ruiz
Sandra Ruiz

Our credit repair experts at Fix Your Credit Consulting have been certified credit repair professionals since 2003. Prior to starting Fix Your Credit Consulting, CEO – Sandra Ruiz was a mortgage broker and saw firsthand how bad credit was affecting her clients. In order to help them qualify for home loans, she began working to repair their credit and, within a few months, she was able to increase their scores to the point that they qualified for great rates for the homes they wished to purchase or refinance. Sandra’s success in helping people restore their good credit convinced her to switch professions and become a credit repair specialist and form Fix Your Credit Consulting.

Fix Your Credit Consulting Mission Statement

Our goal is to help you raise your credit score, so you can start living the life you deserve.

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  •   I had to recently contact them again for assistance to review my credit scores. Sandra explained to me what I need to get rid off and walk me through the steps how to get better score. Highly recommend this place.

    thumb Maria C.

      At first, I was skeptical of all the 5-star reviews, but once you start working with Fix Your Credit Consulting, you will understand why. I worked with Sandra for about a year, and she is outstanding. Credit issues can be really stressful but she was so patient with me.  Throughout the course of a year she was so professional, prompt at returning emails, and really takes her time to explain everything and answers all of your questions. She goes above and beyond, and really does try her best to help you. If you are looking to fix your credit, I would definitely recommend reaching out and giving them a chance. My overall experience with them was great, and I strongly encourage anyone to use their services. From my experience, it is better to start sooner than later, because it does take some time. I have never ever experienced such amazing customer service and professionalism from any business, and to say that I am impressed is an understatement.

    thumb Christine L.

      Let me start by saying over the past 20 years I've worked with multiple "Credit Repair" companies when I needed to in order to remove and delete items and increase my scores.

    That being said this is 100% the fastest score improvements I've seen. 1st month....5 deletions, and a MASSIVE boost to my scores. While this total process can take a few months or more I know this Company truly understands what to do, how to do it, and is very efficient with great systems and processes to keep me updated along the way. Thank you Mia for all you do my wife and I appreciate you!

    thumb Dj T.
  •   Mia helped me and my friend fix our credit with the upmost expertise. Customer service was very friendly and responsive. We consulted over the phone and the process took no more than about 30 minutes. The best thing was that the price was so great....usually credit repair places will charge an outrageous amount but Mia gave us a fraction of what all there competitors were charging. Will refer all of my friends and family.

    thumb Gevorg K.

      Where do I start! Sandra and her Team are true professionals from the start. What ever your issues are they have a solution. 10 stars if I could and my only recommendation when it comes to credit.

    thumb barry d.

      Mia, at Fix Your Credit Consulting has been very helpful and understanding in helping me to get my finances back on track. They have been in contact with me, giving me up-dates and made the process very easy and painless. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs to get their finances and debt in order.
    No longer being in the LA area, I was hesitant to proceed from the oil fields in North Dakota but with a recommendation from a good friend and a long talk with Mia, I was ready to move forward and I am already receiving results.

    thumb Victor R.
  •   Where do I even begin? Honestly I'm a bit overwhelmed with how helpful, attentive, responsive and genuinely caring the whole team was. With years of guilt due to bad credit it only took a month to completely repair. With tears of joy and an enormous sigh of relief I now have good credit!
    Do yourselves a favor and just go for it. You will not regret your experience with these actual angels.

    thumb Sarah M.

      Sandra and her team taught me invaluable lessons about what impacts credit, breaking down the ratings and credit worthiness. It was more than repair; it was education. It's well worth the investment.

    thumb Taj P.

      Went from low 400's to 700's after being helped with a unique identity theft incident. Came back AGAIN with my little brother to help him out, no one is better at explaining the situation, addressing what can be done, and making us feel easy minded about what is usually a terrifying process. I was able to get a new car, apartment, and basically a new life now that our credit scores have been getting help from these professionals. Thank you so much, 20/10 would recommend to anyone worried they feel stuck and cannot do anything about it. Call them, they WILL help!

    thumb Michel R.
  •   This company is awesome! The reviews are true. They really do miracles on your credit. Mia went above and beyond for me. She provided me all the documents and kept me informed along the process. In such a short time period, they were able to remove a lot of negative reports on my account. I can already see my credit improving, and its only been 1 month. Thank you Mia!

    thumb Z M.

      Today I went in to fix my credit , customer service was amazing from the moment I had stepped in making us feel welcomed! Couple of my friends and family have went to the best Brittni and they all love her from the way she handles business she won't stop until your happy with her services. Thank you so much brittni

    thumb Kory O.

      Started in August score went up applied for Discover It approved for $12000 cl. Now everyones situation is different but they are pretty much like a quiet storm. Everyone is laid back and cool as a fan. Not done so I will update. Mia is my go to, she pretty much laughs at problems but brings abig stick. Update October...

    thumb Sharrieff R.
  •   Ms. Brittni berry has been wonderful in so many ways as for as personable, respectful and in fixing my credit! She  was able in 8 months to turn my credit completely around and help me get not only a brand new Mercedes but also made me knowledgeable about credit and steps it takes in creating personal credit and business credit! She is a star and makes the fix my credit consulting company team that much better thank you so much for helping me you are truly amazing!!!!!!!

    thumb Desiree M.

      I've contacted Fix Your Credit Consulting on several occasions regarding their services and every call was always pleasant and informative. I finally decided to move forward with their services to remove a stubborn collection account. Ultimately I ended up not needed them after all, but the entire team and process was very professional and pretty exceptional. Everyone was responsive and solution driven and those qualities are priceless in a consumer- business relationship! I will recommend this company a million times over and they are truly deserving of every gloating review they have. Keep up the great work Sandra, David, Jeff, and Mia. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    thumb Carina S.

      Fix Your Credit is amazing and the people here are wonderful! Sandra Ruiz is the owner of this amazing business and I have to say that thanks to her and her team, in the span of 18 months, they were able to take my credit score, let me be clear, MY FICO SCORE, from around 505 to about 800! REALLY, NO KIDDING!! Fix Your Credit knows what they are doing and they don't just talk the talk, they walk the walk! The staff here sets the bar for what the GOLD STANDARD of customer service should be. They are friendly, professional, fairly priced, and committed to restoring your credit as quickly as they are able to do it! I love supporting local business and Sandra is a local business owner. She truly took an interest in my life and in my welfare. I don't know what I would have done without her knowledge, her kindness, her moral support, and her experience. She explained the process, she was always available throughout the process to explain whatever was going on with credit reports or whatever, and she is still available to me today even after my credit is fixed, even  if I have a question to this day. If you are in need of your credit being restored, THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE to go to in Los Angeles!! Thank you Sandra, you are a ROCK STAR!

    thumb James M.
  •   I am a Loan Broker and often come across consumers who are credit challenged and who have difficulty qualifying for a home loan due to low credit scores. I can usually assist the consumer with basic strategies to help them boost their scores but when I need the help of a professional team to go in depth and provide results quickly, I always reach out to Mia. She has helped many of my clients improve their FICOs to help them qualify for a business loan and obtain a better interest rate which makes a big impact on overall savings to the consumer. Thank you so much Mia and team for your expertise and for always coming through and helping my clients reach their credit health goals!

    If you need a business loan, go to shammasfunding.com.

    thumb Chraibi I.

      I spoke with  Sandra over the phone and she was very professional and honest. She gave me the best advice I could ask for and I very much appreciate how kind and honest she was over the phone. I will definitely be calling back if I ever need anything else. Thank you again!!!

    thumb Barak G.

      Nia gave me a free consultation upon calling and was very professional, helpful and kind.  Id highly recommend you calling them.

    thumb Bill j.
  •   I decided to take a different route but their customer service was exceptional. They explained to me the process of how they worked and took the time to help out. I'd recommend them!

    thumb John M.

      Brittni Berry is Amazing! From our first conversation Brittni made me feel confident that she could help me with my goal to establish a very good credit score. Within a couple of weeks after our  first consult, I saw a huge improvement. I was happy and shocked at the same time! She is always Professional , Very Knowledgeable and Patient. A smile is always on her face when I stop by the office to drop off any paperwork....which can be annoying because I'm there more often than not! LOL! That just means that she is working diligently to keep things rolling. I totally recommend this company for their great customer service and Brittni for her engaged and caring ways. If you're serious about establishing your credit this is the place to call. Thank You again!

    thumb Terri C.

      Mia was amazing, she answered all my questions and performed exactly the way she said she would.  I was concerned about some of these credit clean up companies being shady and scams.  This is my second time using them ( one for me and then a scene to
    E for my mother's credit).  It is not a scam and it works great
    .  Thank you Mia!

    thumb Nick G.
  •   I was pleasantly surprised as to the expediency in which Brittni worked. Within the first 45 days majority of my negatives were addressed.  I am confident that within the following 45, all of my negatives will be a memory of the past. Not only is Brittni patient, she is knowledgeable and willing to answer all of your questions no matter how small. She is also responsive either when you email or call. I would recommend this to anyone in need of credit repair for a reasonable cost, knowledgeable staff and exceptional service!

    thumb Mike W.

      I started with Fix Your Credit Consulting in December 2018. I read up on all the credit repair companies and I felt the most comfortable with this one due to the overwhelming amount of people who sounded like they were in a similar situation as me. After my free phone consultation it was pretty much a no brainer. My poor score has been limiting me from all kinds of opportunities and I was contemplating hiring a BK Lawyer. Thank God I didn't hire that lawyer because this company has been incredible. By following their advice and letting them do things on their end while I do mine, my FICO has increased by close to 150 points in just 3 months. Last night I just got approved for my first credit card in over 2 years. However, this time I'll be using that card the right way to help increase my score further. We still have a ways to go, but working with this company is a partnership and if you listen to them then you won't be dissatisfied. I want to thank Brittni for all of her help so far. She goes above and beyond for her clients. She's patient with your questions, she keeps you in the loop, and she explains things very clearly. It's been a blessing to work with her thus far and I'm really grateful for this company.

    thumb Rory O.

      Started about two months ago with Fix Your Credit Consulting and currently have THE BEST CREDIT repairer, who has honestly made my life so much smoother, easy and STRESS-FREE!

    Thank you, Brittni for being so consistent and always answering alll of my questions in a timely manner!

    COuldn't have picked a better place to get my credit up and running again

    thumb Julissa E.
  •   Get your credit straight with the best in this business. Ask for Sandra I have been working with her and she is wonderful. Tell her Erik sent you haha . Thanks Sandra! My credit will soon be flawless and I finally buy my dream car ... I mean house =]

    thumb Erik V.

      I had a great experience.  Mia Lopez called me on time and explained everything to me.  They offered a free look into my credit reports and great advice.

    thumb Ruth G.

      This place is seriously amazing! I'm so impressed of how quick and efficient they are and their professionalizm. I read all those reviews and thought they were just saying stuff but it's real. I can not wait to have my normal credit back. Thank you Brittni for all of your help. You do go out of your way to help your clients. You're beyond outstanding!

    thumb Enet H.
  •   I am a mortgage consultant and often come across consumers who are credit challenged and who have difficulty qualifying for a home loan due to low credit scores. I can usually assist the consumer with basic strategies to help them boost their scores but when I need the help of a professional team to go in depth and provide results quickly, I always reach out to Sandra. She has helped many of my clients improve their FICOs to help them qualify for a home loan and obtain a better interest rate which makes a big impact on overall savings to the consumer. Thank you so much Sandra and team for your expertise and for always coming through and helping my clients reach their credit health goals!

    thumb Susana L.

      THERE IS HOPE. Man, Just when you think there is no way you will get direction, there is hope. First and Foremost, shout out to Christina for being so helpful, patient, detailed and honest from the start! It took me an Exact year to get started and to be honest I wish I would have started sooner. It was probably one of the best decisions I can make. I noticed some changed right away. Within two months my credit score raised up. Christina started the process and helped me even with payment plans. I also got the chance to work with Alex and Sandra all have been so helpful and best customer service as well. I thought there was no chance of my credit even building and sure enough they took care of it all! If you are thinking of going to FYCC, guys do not look anywhere else because they will go above and beyond with your needs!

    Thanks guys for being the absolute best!  ( if there was more stars I would put more. )

    thumb Biridiana S.

      Christina was awesome, she did an amazing job on helping me fix my credit,my score went up 100 points in 2 months, Im very grateful to fix your credit consulting. Please look no further try them out.they were very very helpful and answered all my questions

    thumb Ricky L.