Change Your Billing Date

Yes, you can change your billing date and it’s easy! Today Fix Your Credit Consulting is going to teach you how to change your billing date. A lot of people get stressed out when their bills are due, especially when they all come around the same time of the month. It is a situation that […]

Pay Off Revolving Debt First

Debt usually comes in two forms: Installment and Revolving. An installment loan is where you borrow money in a single lump sum and have to pay it all off by a set date. Examples of installment loans include car loans, mortgages, and student loans. In contrast, revolving debt is when you are given a specific […]

Banking Fees

Banks offer a valuable service that everyone should use to help manage their finances, however banks also try to force their customers to pay fees for a variety of reasons and paying fees is no fun! Because of this, Fix Your Credit Consulting wants to offer some tips that can help you avoid paying fees […]

Collections & Identity Theft

Despite great advancements in identity protection practices, identity theft affected over 143,000 Americans in 2019. Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware fraud has been committed until after the thief has run up a debt in their name. Usually a person finds out when a collection agency contacts them to request payment. Other times they might find out […]

Credit Tip – Credit Unions

Everyone should already be putting their money into a bank as a way to securely save and store their money, however most people do not know that there are alternatives to banks that function in a similar fashion known as Credit Unions. The primary difference between a credit union and a bank is that banks […]

Corona Credit Tip

During this period of COVID-19 uncertainty we hope that everyone is keeping themselves and their loved ones healthy and safe! While we prepare our workplaces and homes for this new reality, it is also a good time to think about your financial future and how your credit will play its part. Here are a few […]

Car Shopping and Inquiries

So you want to buy a car? Great! Do you plan to shop around to find the right car and get the best deal? Even better! You’re doing everything right, but at the end of the day there’s still a problem: the dealerships ran your credit multiple times, adding hard inquiries to your credit reports […]

What You Need to Buy a House in 2020

You are about to embark on one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences that can ever come from spending money: buying a home. If you are trying to figure out where to start as a first-time homebuyer buying a home in 2020, you should know that the entire process is not quick, but when […]

Alert! Alert! Bank Alerts!

Did you know that most major banks offer some kind of digital alert system? Whether via email or phone notification, you can use bank alerts to prevent overdrafting and additional fees by making sure you’re always informed of: 1) New charges 2) Updates on your account balance 3) Payment due dates Stay up-to-date with all […]

  •   Sandra is the best!! Thank you for helping me and get all my negative items removed from my credit!!!

    thumb Carlos M.

      Fix your credit consulting was able to help me and family buy a home after fixing our credit, if you are looking for an honest reputable company to work with, Fix your credit consulting can help you like they helped me, I highly recommend them.

    thumb jon b.

      I have been working with Said from Fix Your Credit Consulting since July of 2020 (over a year). A few years ago I was in an auto accident (not my fault) and there were several incorrect things that accumulated on my credit reports. Unfortunately, my credit score suffered because of these errors and I eventually decided to take the plunge and sign up with Fix Your Credit Consulting after reading all the other great reviews here on Yelp.  The service has been totally worth the money I spent.  All three of my credit scores have significantly improved (over 100 points) and in June I was able to qualify for a 30-year fixed mortgage with a great interest rate. Thank you again to Said and the fantastic team at Fix Your Credit Consulting.

    thumb B P.
  •   Said has been extremely helpful and diligent throughout the process of repairing my credit. He is responsive and informative with all my questions and concerns. He has been an integral part of helping me reach my goal of buying my family a home. 6 stars!

    thumb Maria B.

      These guys are the best , check their reviews yourself. I retained them to take over from another credit repair company who were nothing but scammers and they corrected and removed two negative collections that was put on my credit by mistake. I was getting a run around from this other company for the whole year and finally decided not to waste my time anymore and go to these guys .please give them a try if you have issues with your credit.

    thumb Shirin H.

      If you're looking for guidance to re-establishing your credit, this is the spot. Mia has been very helpful with me and I have seen some amazing progress with my score with their help.

    After 6 months, my score has climbed 150 points and we're on pace to climb even more.  Everyone deserves to be free from debt so I encourage anyone that is ready to give them a call.

    thumb Nick H.
  •   I can't thank you enough.  If you are in need of credit assistance or repair call and ask for SAID!!! This guy doesn't even need a pitch just pay the fee and let him go to work.  In less than 30-60 days my credit jumped 188 pts!! This is only my second month!! Can you imagine another 30 days? TRUST IN HIM!!!!! you WONT REGRET IT!!!!!

    thumb JR M.

      The best company ever. They fixed my credit from 509 score to 700. Mia is the best and helped me alott. She is so responsive and eager to help me.
    Look no further to find a company that helps you build your credit.

    thumb Ronak A.

      SAID at FIX YOUR CREDIT CONSULTING is AMAZING! He was able to get the Disc. Card removed completely from my Equifax credit report, and my score shot up to 782! I really appreciate all of his help during this process. Their one-time payment fee to remove negative items off of your credit report is worth every penny. Don't hesitate, start working with this phenomenal team immediately. You won't regret it!

    thumb Kai D.
  •   I was referred to this place by someone who also had the help of fix your credit. First of all thank you Said! Said has helped me from the start and has been extremely helpful. Anything I need or any concerns I have he is always quick to respond. He also has a great and fun personality so he's easy to talk to. Fix your credit definitely helped me credit score and continues to do so. Thank you so much for helping me get back on track!

    thumb Ashley V.

      Great communication great service I feel blessed working with Said and he help me along the way now just today I got my credit card approved so happy and they are the only way to go if you wanna get your credit fix up

    thumb Peter L.

      After years of waiting for erroneous collections from my youth to fall off my reports, Mia and the staff at FYCC were able to get them all removed from all 3 bureaus within a month or so and my credit score shot up 100 points, enabling me to increase my credit limit by 10 fold, which in turn made it easier to maintain a higher score going forward since my debt-to-credit ratio is much lower than before. The higher credit score has greatly alleviated worries I've had about apartment, credit card, and auto loan applications.

    Initially I was hesitant to reach out for help on this issue for many reasons, but after spending hours on FICO and Reddit forums, I decided it wouldn't hurt to let some professionals take a crack at it before I waste god knows how many more hours writing and sending out letters myself into the bureaucratic void hoping these bureaus would even consider my side of the story. Mia is super patient, listened to my story, and explained my options in a clear manner. FYCC provided progress reports and were easy to reach for additional questions that I forgot to ask in the first consultation.

    It's taken me a long time to write this review, maybe a year or two after my initial consultation, but I'm happy to report the collections haven't returned and I've had no other credit issues since I started. I would highly recommend Mia and FYCC to friends and family without hesitation.

    thumb Duncan V.
  •   It's been about 40 days or so since I've had Mia start working on repairing my credit and dealing with the collection accounts I had. I was skeptical, I felt it was too good to be true, but I was desperate. I contacted Fix Your Credit Consulting and Mia was the one who told me the process step by step, as well gave me a lot of good advice to what I can do on my end to help my credit. I was still skeptical. Days passed and Mia kept checking up on me to see if I was still interested. Again letting me know what process they take to fix credit scores. I was still skeptical. I finally gave in and Mia and her team started to go to work right away. Within a few days, Credit Karma sent me an alert that there's been changes to my credit scores. Sure enough my score went up by a few points. Few more days passed and I get another alert. This time it alerted me that a couple of my collection accounts have been deleted from my record. The next couple of weeks were just the best, watching my credit score rise.

    In case anyone thinks this review is too good to be true, I added a screen shot from my credit Karma account showing you how real this is. Yeah its kind of a personal thing to show, but maybe it will convince a few people to take that chance on this beautiful company and get results. I started with a 516 credit score. It's now 581 and they're not even finished yet!!

    thumb Eliseo S.

      I felt so insecure about my score and intimidated that this service (as I have never looked for a credit fixing service) would be astronomically priced that this would not go well. But I was completely wrong, and I refuse to go to anyone else after the five-star service Said Mneimne gave me.

    He was calm/nice and patiently went through options on how to work on/improve my score. Without any judgement he gave me the best tips I know are realistic and achievable for me.
    I feel confident and able to drive my future finances, with his help, so I can eventually rent an apartment and buy a car.

    I'm sure everyone on their team is amazing but if you can request anyone, ask for Said Mnimne. Thank you so much Said!!

    thumb Stacey P.

      Said has worked with me and the overall experience has been absolutely fantastic. He responds to all my annoying questions and concerns in a timely manner and it's like we are friends but more importantly, he delivers RESULTS. My equifax went from a 500 to a 749 in about 5 months. That was mind blowing and way more than I expected. Fix your credit consulting is amazing and I have referred some of my closest friends to them as well. Knowledge is power and these guys know what is best.  I mean this when I say this, this is by far the best investment I have ever made into my self. 🙂  
    -Lee M.

    thumb Lee M.
  •   The people here are incredibly fast and incredibly helpful. Said is a stand-up guy who won't try to sell you things you don't need. Their consultation sessions are insightful and fast. I could tell that they care about me and my situation because they're passionate about what they do.

    thumb Ken H.

      They do get accounts deleted and the program works! I recommend 100% just be patient and know that some of your creditors will be harder than others.

    thumb Jamal F.

      Sandra should be a magician! Seriously!!!! I still can not believe how fast and quick she fixed my credit score. very smooth and no headache.. my story is too long and complicated but in short I can tell you that in 2 month year holidays, she turned everything around. I would highly recommend her and her responsive and supportive team!!!! I feel so lucky and blessed I found her.

    thumb M P.