Change Your Billing Date

Change Your Billing Date

Yes, you can change your billing date and it’s easy!

Today Fix Your Credit Consulting is going to teach you how to change your billing date.

A lot of people get stressed out when their bills are due, especially when they all come around the same time of the month. It is a situation that any of us can find ourselves in and it often feels like it is out of our control. But I have news for you! This problem can be easily alleviated by changing your billing dates!

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Not many people know that you can change the billing date for your credit cards and sometimes other lines of credits (that means students loans, car loans, mortgages or anything else that falls under the loan umbrella). All you have to do is call your creditor, speak to one of their representatives and request they change what day you get your bill. If you are unsure what number to call, oftentimes your credit card will have a customer service number on the back that you can use.

As long as you have been paying off your card consistently and on time they will have no problem making this change. If you think you don’t have the best credit history then you should wait awhile before asking while you make your credit card payments on time so that the credit card company can see that you are a trustworthy borrower, and it will definitely help if you pay off your entire balance and not just the minimum. Paying down your cards will also help raise your credit scores, too – just a FYI!

Some credit card companies or lenders will allow you to change your billing date online. This can be done through a dedicated portal on their website or, if they do not offer that, sending your lender a message through their digital messaging service.

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When considering when to change your billing date you should take into account the days on which you are paid and what your monthly spending habits are. Changing the date your credit card bills come in can be a great bonus for those who get paid on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, especially if you have your billing date hit a day or two after you get paid, ensuring you will always have enough to pay your bills while also adding a safeguard to ensure you will not spend too much before paying what you owe to your lender. 

For people with multiple credit cards it could be helpful to scatter your bills throughout the month, having them hit throughout. This way you can ensure that you are never spending too much at once on bills and will have a consistent amount of spending money every week.

Alternatively, if you are paid on a monthly basis it could be helpful to stack your bills on a single day so that way you can pay them all off at once and not have to think about them for the rest of the month. Again, for this method it is advisable to schedule it for a day near when you get paid to ensure you don’t overspend your paycheck on things other than your bill.

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Change Your Billing Date