Four Purchases on Credit That Hurt the Most!

Four Purchases on Credit That Hurt the Most!

1) Hospital Bills
Usually done on credit because they’re priciest and most common, they also don’t offer many good deals on interest grace periods and are often very willing to go to collection agencies if you run behind, and that’ll only hurt your credit more. Paying for insurance and taking care of these bills as quickly as possible is ideal.

2) Student Expenses
This one is very tempting because student loans are rough, but for the most part their interest is lower than the common credit card. Charging them to cards will only make you pay more in the long run and looks irresponsible to lenders.

3) Nightlife
Buying drinks, late-night meals, and general escapism is reasonable if you make a budget for it; but let yourself get too loose with a credit card and it could pile up! Creditors will also notice where your most common purchases are and make a judgment on you as a result.

4) Cash Advances
This one is probably the biggest no-no just because it assures creditors you just want quick money as opposed to opportunities of investment or assets, and cards that offer this deal only do so with outrageous markups and interest so you’re only owing deeper in the long term.

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