Credit Doctor

Corona Credit Tip

During this period of COVID-19 uncertainty we hope that everyone is keeping themselves and their loved ones healthy and safe! While we prepare our workplaces and homes for this new reality, it is also a good time to think about your financial future and how your credit will play its part.

Here are a few tips:

Ask for higher limits on your credit cards!

If your card is in good standing and has been open for at least six months then now might be a good time to ask your creditors to increase your limits. Besides higher limits being better for your overall credit, it’s possible that you may have to rely on your cards more than normal. And if you’re putting more expenses on your cards then you’ll want more available credit to avoid your cards becoming High Balance.

Give yourself a credit assessment

The next few months could be a scary time where we’re all on high alert, thinking about our present situations and potential futures. But don’t just brood on the negatives, take the time to think about your future financial goals and how your credit can help you reach them! If you want to buy a house or buy a car or even rent an apartment you’ll want your credit in tip-top shape. Monitor your credit, see what your scores are and what they need to be to achieve your dreams, and take action to fix any negatives. And if you have any questions about this give us a call at 877 212 2450 and one of our consultants will be glad to help!

We hope everyone stays safe and healthy and takes this time as a potential opportunity to create a better future.