Three Ways to Keep Cards Working for You!

Three Ways to Keep Cards Working for You!

Most credit card companies rely on customers who either rush into a card without being prepared or diving into how their cards work. Here are some tips to not be taken advantage of:

1. Pay off more than your minimum dues!

They way interest on cards work is that they’re betting on you only paying the minimum, and by doing so when an interest is charged to your remaining balance you end up owing more than the original balance taken out! Get ahead of this interest abuse and pay off more than what the interest is, the more you can spare the better!

2. Use all their benefits!

Look up all the benefits that your credit card offers, as they may have good deals or lower pricing rates if you use it in certain ways, such as for travel or gas, or can offer limit increases upon request! You can only know if you find out!

3. Transfer balances to new cards to avoid interest!

After your cards preliminary interest-free span ends, you can avoid paying interest if you can open a new credit card with a similar plan of no interest for 6-12 months and transfer away the balance! Sometimes there’s a small fee but you’ll definitely save more than continuing with interest!


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