•   I've known Sandra for at least 10 years. She is a phenomenal person to work with and a super hard worker that cares about people. Do not hesitate to work with her and her amazing team. Jeff is wonderful as well!!
    Thank you, team Fix Your Credit Consulting you are amazing*****

    thumb Hassan J.

      Sandra is the best she is patient kind knowledgeable and undertaking and provides a judgement free zone no matter how many times you find yourself calling her because life kicked your butt again .

    Jeff is also great and super helpful and always is super on top of everything he does and every phone call . I owe them for helping get my life back

    thumb Nikki M.

      When thinking about what I was grateful for over the past year one interesting thing came up as a standout.

    Perhaps credit services are not the typical thing to be thankful for at this time of year, and perhaps not for all standard reasons you might expect to hear in a gratitude tribute, but it goes like this...

    Sandra is not just experienced and knowledgeable, but also calming in her manner. She was not judgmental and through mutual sharing made me realize things can happen to anyone and not to feel ashamed for inquiring about the subject of credit and all of the 'fun' things that can go along with it etc.

    One of the most important things I am grateful for is how she was able to lower my stress level by not only being kind, but also by being respectful and truly understanding.

    I am so glad I reached out to get a fresh perspective and get my queries answered on the way to fixing any related issues that need fixing.

    Thank you so much again.

    thumb Jeff S.
  •   My name is Carlos mia and her team did amazing incredible job helping my with my credit this the best credit consulting I have ever seen they go beyond customer service they help u every step along the way they keep u updated so friendly and they are the best if ur having issues with ur credit or u want to improve it try fix your credit consulting they will help u they are the best at what they do thank you mia and ur team for all you do thanks

    thumb Carlos R.

      I've been working with Mia now for the past two years. What can I say, she's a rock star. So thankful to be able to work with her on repairing my credit. My score is now 738. Thank you Mia! - 5 stars!

    thumb Iyare O.

      Your review is well-written! Here's a slightly adjusted version for clarity and coherence:

    For over a decade, I've been primarily an artist and creator. This lifestyle often had me walking a tightrope with my credit. I always believed I'd address it someday, and when that day arrived, Fix Your Credit Consultants came to my rescue.

    They not only removed derogatory marks from my credit history but also exceeded their promises by completing the process faster than estimated.

    If you're facing credit issues, I can vouch for their exceptional work. Mia Lopez assisted me from start to finish. She was incredibly informative, helpful, and clear. Their excellent communication and execution earn them a well-deserved 5 stars.

    I wholeheartedly recommend this business to anyone!

    Thank you, Mia!

    thumb Braxton T.
  •   Man! Not even sure where to start. Mia is the GOAT at this, it took a hefty 10 months worth of work to fix my credit and damnit was it worth it!!!!!! she steered me in the right direction and kept her word from the first time I got on the phone with her for a free consultation, my credit before starting was completely shot and needed MAJOR work. Long story short Mia took control and revived my credit across all three credit bureaus. She communicates with you during the entire process and is fairly quick to reply to any concerns you may have. My scores are pretty much all at 700+, not to mention she managed to delete every single one of my negatives. Went from terrible credit to damn near A1 credit. If you are looking for an excellent credit repair company. I highly recommend Fix your credit consulting, they're the truth!

    thumb Tremaine G.

      I recommend Fix Your Credit with Sandra, she was amazing, from beginning to end. She helped me fix my credit in no time! Do not hesitate to consult with her.

    thumb Jorge C.

      My credit was terribly low before I found Fix Your Credit Consultant. I worked with Mia over the course of just two months and my credit boosted up 100+ points! Now my credit is over 740. Mia was very patient with me. She clearly explained every question I had. I'm so glad I got to work with Mia and her team! Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to fix their credit !

    thumb Pearl N.
  •   This credit counseling service has done wonders for me. They truly take the time to break down your credit report and help you understand it while providing solutions to raise your scores. They knocked off so many things on my credit report that I would have never had the time or patience to handle. Love them!

    thumb Amanda H.

      Mia and her team have been a godsend navigating a tricky process to remove falsely negative claims on your credit report. Including unwanted past credit checks without my knowledge, old unpaid bill in collections which I never received notice for. Definitely use their service!!

    thumb D.B. C.

      Absolutely amazing services , they are awesome ! They gave me a consultation and did exactly what they said , raised my credit over 100 points. Mia has been amazing during the process. Highly recommended .

    thumb Danny C.
  •   Wow just wow. Sandy and her team perform greatness. My boyfriend went from a high school student credit score with delinquent accounts to a 758 excellent credit score. He followed all instructions given on what he needed to do to build up his score and let the team work with his debt. Believe in her team for positive outcomes.

    thumb Monica A.

      Ok so I've been holding off writing this review for about 7 months. And as you can see by the 5 stars I left I'm beyond happy with the services this company provided me. I was skeptical at 1st even though they had stellar reviews (which is why I chose them) but there's always that thing in the back of my mind of "well they probably won't be able to help me though, I will be that exception they cant fix". Needless to say they absolutely crushed getting EVERY collection I had off my report!!! I had about 5 grand worth of stuff on there that they managed to make disappear like magic. My credit has shot up over 150 points! I cannot say enough good things about them. I even referred my coworker to them after and they sent me a $50 referral check back! If you're looking to clean up your credit, don't wait, call these superstars and get on your way to feeling confident about your credit again. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I'm so grateful. Thank you fix your credit!!!

    thumb Rob ..

      I worked with Mia and Said for over a year, I believe. They were beneficial and responsive. Although we were not successful with all of my accounts, they still helped me raise my credit by about 100 points. So I stand satisfied. I recommend them. Not to mention there prices are very competitive. Thank you all.

    thumb Alex G.
  •   I called this place about 3 months when I decided it was time to fix my credit. I spoke with Mia, she walked me thought the whole process in a 5 minute phone conversation. It was simple enough so I decided to pull the trigger and signed up. Its only been 3 months and already they have removed negative items and improved my score significantly. I strongly recommend to give them a call as soon as possible, I waited too long and I wish I would have called sooner. I will update in a few months with the final results.

    thumb Ivan A.

      These guys are legit and professional at what they do and very quick as well very responsive and knowledgeable and they will do everything they can on your behalf

    thumb Edward N.